Seeing Dentists in Oyster Bay NY for Whitening

Everyone, these days it seems, wants a better smile. Dental whitening can help with that. Many people choose to whiten their teeth either professionally or using OTC solutions. However, you should speak to your Dentists in Oyster Bay NY before starting a whitening regimen. A whitening treatment generally involves the isolation of the soft tissues with a flexible photo-polymerizable resin barrier; the application must be performed by a professional trained in the use of the bleaching gel. The ranges can be anywhere between 16 to 35% carbamide peroxide with exposure to light of 6 – 15 minutes maximum. This will avoid dehydration of the enamel.

UV light systems for whitening are discarded for being highly harmful to the skin, mucous membranes and eyes. This is not true unless the method is improperly performed. Today, tooth whitening is a useful system for certain clinical cases, where a “right diagnosis” is synonymous with success in the dental office. But, the lack of knowledge and training in this technique generate clinical failures with adverse consequences for the patient and professional.

Dentists should be cautious when using a 35% hydrogen peroxide solution, as this can burn patients and even the dentist. Whitening is limited when the patient reports having allergic manifestations in relation with the bleaching material, such as: burning, dry throat, nausea, edema or irritation. Dentists in Oyster Bay NY recommend that you determine the sensitivity before treatment. When there is the presence of resin restorations, crowns or other aesthetic material, they may need to be changed for reasons of color modification. Visit website for more information.

Tooth whitening is a treatment that, despite being conservative, can give satisfactory results. However, it also presents a number of risks among which the most common are: postoperative tooth sensitivity, and longevity of results. These factors should be considered when considering whitening, so as to inform and warn patients of symptoms that can occur especially in the initial phase of treatment. Currently tooth whitening treatment has become a necessity for a large number of patients, therefore, it is important that the professional is fully aware of the various measures to prevent adverse effects. For more information, contact the Locust Valley Dental Group today.

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