Selecting Lift Chairs in Pittsburgh PA

by | Jul 15, 2016 | Healthcare

When someone has an elderly person living in their home, they may notice they have trouble with their mobility in getting up and down staircases. Purchasing one of the Lift Chairs in Pittsburgh PA can be the answer in keeping the person safe when utilizing steps, helping to reduce the risk of injury as a result.

When picking out lift chairs, it is important that person is comfortable while taking a ride up or down the staircase. The chair should have ample room for them to fit into the lift without worry of falling from the seating area. Having a chair that swivels is also best. This will ensure the elderly person can gain their footing before standing after the chair brings them up or down the staircase. A chair that remains stationary can be difficult to get in and out of with ease.

It is a very good idea to have the person try out several lift chair models in a store before making a decision on which one to have installed in the home. They can then test different control levers and buttons included with each model to see if they can adequately maneuver the lift chair on their own. Some find it is easier to purchase a model without a lot of features, as the person using the chair may find the controls confusing.

A seat belt is a great idea for a lift chair. This will give the rider the peace of mind they will not topple out of the chair, possibly causing them injury. Make sure the seat belt can be clasped and unclasped easily. Having a call button on the lift chair can also be a great feature. The person would then be able to alert others in the home that they are having difficulty getting up or down the staircase.

If someone wishes to check out Lift Chairs in Pittsburgh PA, they may want to go to a showroom to see what models are offered. Check out to find out more about lift chair installations, models available, and safety features that can be included.

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