Services that Can Be Received by a Veterinarian in Bowie, Maryland

Services that Can Be Received by a Veterinarian in Bowie, Maryland

These days, more people treat their pets like a member of the family, including ensuring that the pet gets emergency medical treatment if needed. Since a pet does not have the ability to speak as doe a small child, it is imperative that the owner takes the pet to be seen medically as soon as something appears wrong. A veterinarian in Bowie, Maryland sees the pets and other animals that belong to people on a regular and emergency basis. Here are some of the services that pet owners and owners of other animals can expect to receive.

Emergency Services that Pets Can Receive

Any time a pet begins to act differently than normal, and it goes on for a while, it will be a good idea to get the pet seen, diagnosed and treated as soon as possible. Some of the emergency situations that may arise include the pet suffering broken legs or bones, or swallowing something that it should not be swallowing, such as poison. If the pet has trouble swallowing or eating, it should be taken to the vet immediately, as this could also be something serious.

Other Services that Can Be Received at the Vet

In addition to bringing in the pet for emergency services or regular appointments, the pet can also be seen for grooming, such as the clipping of the hair or trimming of the claws. There are also services providing for in-boarding pets, such as when the owner is away on vacation or at work. Pets are also seen for scheduled surgeries that may be required, and for spaying or neutering services if the owner desires to do so. Pets will be treated with dignity.

Where to Get Veterinary Services in Bowie, Maryland

Gambrills Veterinary Center offers pet care and grooming solutions for pet owners and owners of other animals in Bowie, Maryland and the surrounding area. Services are provided for emergency visits, regular visits, daycare services, grooming, and even for exotic pets. If there are any pet owners or owners of other animals in need of a veterinarian in Bowie, Maryland, the vet is available. Get more information by visiting the website at

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