Signs it is Time to Find an Oral Surgery Practice in Short Hills NJ for Wisdom Teeth Removal

by | Apr 7, 2016 | Dentist

Today, dentists are opting to remove wisdom teeth before they become a problem. In fact, in many situations, dentists will refer a patient to an Oral Surgery Practice in Short Hills NJ before the teeth become a serious oral health concern. However, even with this new trend, it is possible to encounter wisdom teeth issues. Knowing what the symptoms of problem wisdom teeth are can be beneficial in determining if they need to be removed.

Symptoms that accompany problem wisdom teeth can include pain behind the molars or in the back portion of the mouth. This is pain that is going to increase gradually as time passes because the wisdom teeth may continue to grow sideways. They may also begin to press on the gums and nerves, and may start to crowd the surrounding teeth. Some of the other common signs of wisdom teeth trouble include:

  *     Swelling of the gums where the wisdom teeth are located

  *     Tenderness

  *     Redness

When wisdom teeth start to move through the gum’s surface, it will allow bacteria to move into the open tissue, which can cause a serious infection. If the infection is not treated or caught in time, it can result in more serious issues, and may affect a person’s overall health.

When issues with a person’s wisdom teeth are present, the most common course of action will be removal by an Oral Surgery Practice in Short Hills NJ. In most cases, the extraction will be done at the oral surgeon’s office. The potential complications that may arise during the procedure will be discussed ahead of time though most of these surgeries are problem-free. The most complex cases will typically involve wisdom teeth that have not erupted through the gum tissue, which will require the oral surgeon to cut into the gum to reach the teeth.

Additional information about wisdom teeth removal and how important it is can be found by visiting the website. Don’t automatically assume that this surgery will be necessary. However, it is considered to be a common procedure done today. Speak with a dentist or oral surgeon to learn more about whether or not a wisdome teeth need to be removed.

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