Signs That it’s Time to Call a Fence Company in Nassau County

Signs That it’s Time to Call a Fence Company in Nassau County

A wooden fence makes a great addition to any home and yard, but they can deteriorate with time. A fence’s longevity depends on a variety of factors such as wood type, treatment and painting. Homeowners should frequently inspect their wooden fencing for signs of wear and damage. If the owner sees any of the below signs, it may be time to call a Fence Company in Nassau County.

Accident Damage

Although it’s usually obvious, the fence may have to be replaced if it is damaged in an accident. Events such as tree collapses and vehicle strikes can cause damage that just can’t be repaired.

Missing or Broken Boards

This is one of the most visually obvious signs of a fence in need of replacement. Not only are missing and broken boards an eyesore, but they can also compromise the structural integrity and safety of the fence.

Holes in Boards

If the owner notices holes in fence boards, they’re likely caused by insects, microorganisms or wildlife. While these pests may be small, don’t let their size be misleading; by the time the holes are noticed, it is an indication of unseen but extensive damage.

Splintering Wood

When wood splinters, it can present a big problem. Splitting and cracking indicate that the wood is weak and that it’s highly likely to fall apart in the future.

Staining on Wood

If the homeowner sees gray or yellow stains on the fence, the wood has begun to mold or rot. The problem is especially common in rainy areas. When it’s time to replace the fence with the help of a Fence Company Nassau County, consider treated lumber, which is more mold- and rot-resistant.

Repair Vs. Replacement

If the damaged area only makes up a small part of the fence, it may be possible to bring it back by replacing the damaged area. While this presents a less-expensive alternative to replacement, it’s vital for the owner to think of the long-term cost. Age- and wear-related problems can spread to adjacent boards, and in many cases, it’s more expensive to repair multiple sections than to replace the entire fence at one time.

If a home’s fence is exhibiting signs of damage and wear, the owner can contact Precision Fence LLC. Call the office or browse the website to set up a consultation.

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