Signs You Need to Get Tyres in Portsmouth Replaced

Almost 50 percent of winter car accidents occur as a result of poorly maintained tyres. Defective tyres in Portsmouth could cost you a lot of money, because if they don’t have sufficient air or tread, the vehicle will consume more fuel. Aside from costing you money, defective tyres could also cost you your life, proving the importance of getting them replaced when they come to the end of their life. If you’re not aware that your tyres are illegal and get stopped by the police, you could receive a fine, points on your license, or even a ban. Steer clear of predicaments by visiting a garage when you notice the following warning signs.

Bulges, Blisters and Cracks

You could save yourself a lot of money if you inspect your tyres regularly for bulges, blisters and cracks. Even the smallest defect could get worse, which is why it’s best to arrange for replacement tyres in Portsmouth to be fitted as soon as you notice cracks in the sidewall. Slow punctures shouldn’t be ignored either, because this could result in worse air leaks or a blowout.

Tread Wear Indicator

All tyres in Portsmouth are made with tread wear indicators, which are very visible when the tyres are new. The more you drive the more they will wear down, and if the rubber bars on the tyre reach the same level as the tread, you will need to get the tyre replaced. Should the police pull you over and notice that the depth is below the legal limit, you will likely be faced with a heavy fine and points, which will make your insurance shoot up.

Excessive Vibration

Pay attention to how the car feels when you drive it. If it feels as though it is vibrating more than normal when moving over flat surfaces, the tyres might not have enough air in them or might be reaching the end of their life. Excessive vibration can also be a sign of other issues, such as misaligned wheels or worn shock absorbers. Shaking or vibrating will usually start when the car hits 50 mph, and might reduce slightly as the vehicle picks up speed. Take it to the mechanic straight away to prevent the problem from worsening.

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