Six Tips for Couples Seeking a Psychotherapist in New York City

by | Sep 15, 2015 | Health

How do you get the most out of your couple’s psychotherapy sessions? Couples therapists are uniquely equipped to handle even the most distressing relationship troubles. With this said, it is recommended that all therapy patients adopt a mindset most conducive to change and progress. New York City is full of enlivened couples chasing down infatuation and every adventure they can find. With the right professional help, you too can experience again the same spark and infatuation that made you fall in love with your partner. If you are truly dedicated to salvaging your relationship, then see a psychotherapist in New York City and follow these tips.

Change Yourself, Not Your Partner

Many dejected husbands and wives have pleaded for their partner to change, but to no avail. Sometimes, when clients attend therapy sessions, they hope to induce a drastic change in their partner to accommodate their growing needs and expectations. Unfortunately, these very people may be resistant to change themselves. It is critical that both partners focus on changing themselves. By cultivating inner change, each partner can help improve the state of their relationship.

Take Accountability

The single most prevalent drawback to every relationship is a lack of responsibility. This can prove detrimental to a relationship, as it is impossible to resolve issues without a sense of ownership of your mistakes. Hence, when you consult a psychotherapist in any context with your partner, you must refrain from blaming or accusing your significant other. Rather, assume responsibility for your mistakes and the manner in which you foster conflict on an individual basis. This will lead to a healthier, more genuine interaction.

Divulge Secrets

If you want your relationship to blossom, then you must divulge all secrets at your couples sessions. When you withhold secrets from your therapist and your partner, you sabotage any prospect of positive change or growth. Not only can secrets drain your relationship of loyalty and trust, but they can hinder personal intimacy to an astounding degree as well.

Not Doing the Work

You may feel enlightened during your couples therapy sessions to some degree. However, it is critical to translate what you learn about your relationship to the outside world. You must be willing to take your therapist’s recommendations and assignments, and practice them religiously. Only then will you observe a flowering of intimacy and communication with your partner.

Do Not Wait for Disaster

Many couples consult a psychotherapist in a state of desperation, hoping to reconcile shortly before an impending divorce. It is critical to attend couples therapy the moment relationship troubles arise so you can improve your intimacy and communication. When you attend therapy in the midst of a disaster, you dampen your prospects of reconciling with your partner. Some differences really are irreconcilable, if you wait long enough.

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