Speak With An Attorney That’s Experienced With The Zoning Law In Nassau County NY

by | Jul 8, 2016 | Lawyers

Before developing land such as a sub-division, starting a business, or any other thing that alters the way the proper was conveyed to you, it’s important to understand the Zoning Law Nassau County NY. Failure to obtain the proper permission through a city, township, municipality or state could result in penalties. Zoning determines how the land is to be used. For example, if a housing plan is zoned as residential, an individual cannot turn their home into a commercial business. There are special permits and requirements that must be obtained in order change the use of the land. Zoning clearly determines which property is recreational, commercial or residential in the area.

An attorney that understands the zoning Law in Nassau County NY can represent an individual or business in:

  • Special use permits.
  • Article 78 proceedings.
  • Changing the zoning of the property.
  • Variance applications.
  • Land use of the property.
  • And any other zoning issues that can arise.

An experienced zoning attorney can help someone turn a building or land’s purpose into some other type of use. For example, an apartment building can be turned into a retail shop if the correct zoning regulations are met. It is nearly impossible for an untrained individual to navigate through the zoning law to complete the development of any type of project without and experienced attorney. Even a homeowner will need the assistance of a zoning lawyer if they want to operate a small in-home business legally. Click here for more details.

In addition to the use of the land, local enforcement of the zoning laws could include the environmental impact the zoning change could case. Something as simple as a junk yard could have environmental impacts on a stream, wetlands or soil in the area. The experience of a zoning lawyer will eliminate many of the challenges individuals and businesses face with the use of their land. The Law Offices of Peter Morra have years of experience representing clients with the Zoning Law Nassau County NY. They can help the process run smoother and eliminate serious consequences in the future. Before changing the use of any type of land, feel free to meet with them and explore any potential concerns.

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