Spill Kits – Choose The Perfect Spill Kit For Your Specific Situation

Spill Kits – Choose The Perfect Spill Kit For Your Specific Situation

Regardless of the specific industry in which you operate or the relative size of your shop if you carry dangerous materials, a spill kit, like those available from EcoSpill, is an essential purchase. Not only will a spill kit keep your workplace free from damage in the event of an emergency, but you and your staff can also stay safe. Selecting the right type of kit for your workplace environment is crucial. The preventative and protective measures that work for one type of spill may not necessarily work with another. To help you out here is a brief guide to spill kits and how to choose the perfect spill kit for your specific situation.

Know Your Needs

Before you start looking for kits, be sure you are familiar with the specific types of dangerous chemicals on site. Generally speaking, these materials fall into three general groups: fuels and oils, non-aggressive chemicals, and chemicals. If you have multiple materials that fit multiple categories, be sure you have a spill kit geared towards each one. Never assume that the materials designed to contain a non-aggressive chemical spill will work on a chemical spill or vice versa. Stay safe by being prepared.

Buy The Appropriate Volume

A spill kit designed for your specific needs will not be much help if you do not have an adequate supply on hand. A good way to determine exactly how large of a kit you will need to is to think about the largest possible spill. To do this simply figure out the size of the largest container used to store that liquid, and anticipate a spill of that size. If you have multiple containers across multiple sites, be sure to include each one in your calculation, so each site is safe.

Consider Storage

Think about where you will store the spill kit, and how close that storage spot is to the relevant location. Ideally, spill kits should be kept relatively close to the target areas for quick and easy access. Other situations may require you to consider different transportation methods. It might be necessary to investigate portable bins, smaller transportation bags, or waterproof bags.

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