Starting A Dog Attack Claim With A Personal Injury Lawyer In South Windsor, CT

Starting A Dog Attack Claim With A Personal Injury Lawyer In South Windsor, CT

In Connecticut, dog owners are responsible for any attacks committed by their dogs after a failure to maintain control over the animal. The outcome of these attacks could include serious injuries or even fatalities. A Personal Injury Lawyer in South Windsor CT presents the victim with the opportunity to seek compensation through a legal claim.

Seeking Medical Attention

Victims should seek medical attention immediately after the attack to generate medical files for their claim. It doesn’t matter how minor the injuries are it is necessary to acquire documented evidence of these injuries to substantiate the claim. The doctor who provides treatment will contact the county animal control officer and report the attack.

Steps Followed by the Animal Control Officer

The animal control officer notifies the dog owner of the attack, and the officer collects information about the dog. The dog owner must provide records of their dog’s most recent rabies vaccinations and show them to the animal control officer. If the dog owner didn’t vaccinate their dog, a quarantine for the dog is required by the animal control officer.

The Purpose of Quarantines

The purpose of the quarantine is to determine if the dog has rabies or exhibits any aggressive behavior patterns. The dog owner must surrender the dog to a licensed vet for a quarantine period of no less than twelve days. The results of the quarantine are provided to the animal control officer, and the officer determines if the dog is a threat to the public based on these findings.

What to Expect from These Claims

If the claim is successful, the victim receives payments for all their medical expenses associated with the dog attack. If the dog was involved in previous attacks, the pet owner must provide tort-based funds for pain and suffering.

In Connecticut, dog owners must follow city ordinances related to maintaining control over their dog and preventing possible attacks. If a dog attack happens, the pet owner faces liabilities due to this failure and must provide compensation to the victim. Any victim of these events can contact a Personal Injury Lawyer in South Windsor CT through Kahan Kerensky and Capossela LLP today.

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