Swimming Pool Safety Tips for New Pool Owners

Many people in Indio and the surrounding area are so excited when they buy their first home with a pool that they could use a reminder about stopping and thinking sensibly about their pool. Some people are afraid of buying a home with a swimming pool when they have small children. Regardless of whether you’re more nervous, more excited, or unsure which emotion best describes you, a pool, handled safely, can provide a great amount of value to a home, enabling you to get great exercise whenever you like (depending on pool season where you live, of course), and can be great for entertaining, too. Some pool safety tips can help you lower the chances of problems, particularly with small children.

Adhere to Fencing Laws

Know the local laws about pool fencing. Some older homes in some areas are grandfathered in and don’t require pool fencing but when there are small children, it’s important to invest in fencing and adequate gates. This not only helps if you have children or grandchildren but helps when you have neighbors as well.

Mandating Swimming Lessons

Swimming lessons make a big difference. Survival courses can even be taught to infants so that if an infant or toddler falls into a pool they will immediately turn and float on their back, giving an adult more time to get them out of the pool. Even swimming lessons for kids won’t replace adult supervision, though. A strong swimmer with CPR/ First Aid rules as a supervisor is important!

Pool Rules

Rules such as no running, requiring personal floatation devices (pool toys are not life saving devices and should not replace life jackets), and not swimming alone are all considerations. Many homeowners who have swimming pools also have rules about swimming in the deep end for novice swimmers.

Supplies & Preparation

Ensure that there are life-saving devices available to help if there is a problem and that the homeowners learn CPR / First Aid. A stocked first aid kit and keeping a phone accessible to the pool is also helpful in minimizing risk and in being able to act fast in an emergency.

If you need your pool upgraded to make it safer, get some help from a local pool contractor. Indio is served by United States Pools, who also serves the surrounding area with new pools, pool repairs, pool remodeling, and pool service (saving you time and effort, too).

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