Swimming Pool Shock Treatment – Things to Consider Before Opening Your Pool for the Season

by | Mar 11, 2015 | Home Improvement

One of the biggest dreams for most homeowners is adding a swimming pool to their residence. For most, a swimming pool is the ultimate summer destination and a way for them to bring more fun into their home. In order to have a great pool, you will need to make sure that you give it the care that it needs, such as regular swimming pool shock. There are a number of different things that have to be done in order for a pool to be ready for the summer season. At Clearwater Pool Systems, we can help to ensure that your pool is ready to go when you want to use it. The following are a few of the things that you have to consider when trying to get your pool ready to go.

Pumping the Water Off of the Pool Cover

The first thing that has to happen when trying to get your pool ready for use is the removal of the pool cover. In some cases, removing the cover from your pool can be a lot easier said than done due to the water that may build up on it during the off season. The best way to remove the water in your pool cover is by using a sump pump. Once all of the water has been removed, you should be able to take off the cover and not contaminate the pool water.

Performing a Swimming Pool Shock

After you have removed the pool cover, you might notice that the water underneath has a green tint to it. The longer that the water in the pool sits without proper circulation, the more algae that you will have. The best way to get the chemicals in the water back to proper levels is by performing a swimming pool shock treatment. The large dose of pool chemicals will help to kill the algae and return the water back to pristine condition. If you are unsure about how to shock your pool system correctly, call the team at Clearwater Pool Systems for help. We have many years of experience in the industry and can provide you with the information that you need.

Check All of Your Plugs

Once you have given the pool the shock treatment that it needs, you need to move on to checking the plugs of the pool. In most cases, a pool owner will change over to heavier duty plugs for the winter. If you have replaced your plugs for the off season, you need to make sure that you change them back over.

At Clearwater Pool Systems, you can get the modern water solutions that you need and information regarding proper swimming pool shock treatments.

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