Testimonial Videos Can Build Your Brand

by | Feb 15, 2016 | Business & Economics

When you’re trying to introduce new customers to your brand and win their loyalty, testimonial videos can often be the push you need to close the sale.  Testimonial videos are a highly effective method of spreading the word about the quality of your product or service in a personalized, trustworthy, and accessible manner.

A Personal Touch
It’s often the case that customers expect to see positive claims and sales statistics from a company they’re considering when they research a product or service. But in many cases, that’s not enough to complete the sale.  In order to move customers through the sales funnel efficiently, you need to take the extra step in giving the process a personal touch. That’s where a testimonial comes in – a personal perspective that customers can relate to. In lieu of centering all of your marketing on your own claims, why not let some of your actual customers offer an overview of their experience? Potential customers can better envision themselves in the shoes of past customers, and will better relate to your product or service as a result.

Honesty is Key
It’s best to use real customers of yours in your testimonial videos. The content should be genuine, and shouldn’t be performed by scripted actors. By using actors, you run the risk of losing your potential customer trust.  Their performances may feel scripted, too smooth, or otherwise unnatural – ruining the true value of a properly done testimonial video.  Furthermore, knowing that you paid someone to speak positively about your product or service (while conveying it as an authentic interview) might not sit well with many.

Pay Attention to Quality
Just because you’re not using actors, doesn’t mean that your video shouldn’t be professionally shot and directed. By having a quality, well-produced video you’ll best represent your brand – ensuring that the perception of high quality products and services is carried throughout your entire customer experience – including your marketing videos.

Create A Buzz on Social Media
Testimonial videos can really get you noticed where it matters most: social media. Testimonials are easily shareable, connect with people on an emotional level, and boost views & visibility. You’ll also be able to track comments, see what people are saying about you, and respond to questions and commentary that potential customers may post in reaction to your video.

Contacting a video production company to help craft your testimonial videos can prove to be an excellent investment for your company or product. If you’re looking for an expert production, a company like Matt of All Media can help you develop the best testimonial videos. Draw in new customers, build your brand, and reap the benefits.

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