The Basics of General Dentistry in California, MD

The Basics of General Dentistry in California, MD

In the medical world, general dentistry tends to refer to any of the procedures you would have done at your dentist office with the exception of cosmetic procedures. Those procedures deal almost exclusively with the way your teeth look and not how well they function. You should see a dentist for general reasons at least once a year. That is typically a teeth cleaning as well as an X-ray in some cases. The X-ray will help the dentists see what is happening below the gumline on your teeth.

Below the Gumline

Your teeth are about halfway above your gums and halfway below. The parts below your gums include the structures that keep your teeth anchored to your jaw as well as the parts that provide nutrients to your teeth. A root runs from your teeth and through a canal into your gums. The canal can become infected and inflamed; if that happens, you’ll need to have a procedure called a root canal. This is a common practice in general dentistry in California, MD. Inflamed roots are a common cause of bleeding or swelling in your gums.

If you have bleeding or swelling in your gums, you need to visit They will help you schedule an appointment and determine what is going on with your teeth.

Pain and Swelling

You can experience pain and swelling in your gums if your teeth have suffered some kind of physical damage. It could also be a result of an infection. Plaque can build up on your teeth when food and other substances are not routinely cleaned. That plaque is made up largely of bacteria, which can cause serious problems.

If you have pain, swelling, or bleeding, you most likely have an infection. Even a little bit of blood while brushing can be a sign of gum disease and highlight a need for general dentistry.

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