The Benefits Of Hard Cover Truck Accessories In Placerville

by | Mar 9, 2018 | Transportation

Out of all of the possible Truck Accessories in Placerville that one could buy and install on their truck, a hard tonneau cover is one of the most useful. Here are some brief facts about such covers and why they make a great accessory for that much-beloved truck.


Before one installs a tonneau cover, they will find that there are softcovers and hardcovers. The soft covers are made from a pliable vinyl fabric which is stretched across an aluminum frame and subsequently clamped to the bed of the truck. While these soft versions are certainly helpful, they don’t hold a candle to the single-piece fiberglass rigidity that the hard version brings.

Benefits Of A Hard Tonneau Cover

• A hard shell made from fiberglass is far more secure than a soft cover is.

• A protective hard cover, one of the best Truck Accessories in Placerville in which to invest, is a great way to ensure that the cargo being hauled remains secure in the bed of the truck during travel.

• A hardcover, much more than a soft cover, will give a sleeker look to the truck. In addition to the aesthetic benefits, color matching is a snap due to a wide variety being available.

• There is far less danger of the bed of the truck and the cargo within being damaged from the elements when a hardcover is used. This includes damage from wind, rain, and even the sun.

• If a truck is driving fast down the highway, the drag that the truck endures leads to a significant reduction in gas mileage. By installing a hardcover on the bed of the truck, it makes the truck much more aerodynamic. In fact, gas mileage can be increased by as much as 12%.

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