The best tips for black mold removal

Black mold is highly toxic and dangerous to humans; it is also very difficult to get rid of once it has colonized an area. Black mold removal in Philadelphia requires strong cleaning solutions and although small problem areas can be tackled by the homeowner it is recommended that professionals who deal in mold identification and removal be brought in if the infestation is wide spread. If you are going to attempt a cleanup of a small area there are precautions that must be taken but before you even start the project the first thing to do is gather the cleaning products that are needed. As the cleaning material will contact the mold during the cleaning process, it must be disposed of after the task is completed.

Black mold is toxic therefore personal protection is important. The bare minimum protection is heavy rubber gloves, safety glasses, filter face mask and long sleeves; professionals who do this work will also recommend that a respirator be employed. It is important to protect the skin surfaces and eyes from any spores that will become airborne once black mold removal in Philadelphia area begins.

There are a number of commercially available products that are formulated expressly for the elimination of toxic black mold, but a simple mixture of bleach or vinegar in water is just as effective as most of them and certainly less expensive. The recommended proportions are one part bleach or vinegar mixed with 10 parts water. To increase the strength of this homemade solution you can add baking soda to vinegar but not to bleach. These mixtures are best suited for use on non-porous surfaces such as bathroom and kitchen tile.

The big mistake that most homeowners make when attempting black mold removal in Philadelphia themselves is not getting all the mold the first time around. It is important to understand that cleaning the mold is one thing but eliminating the spores is equally important. If for example you hire a carpet cleaning machine, it will get the mold from the carpet but it will not kill the spores. In most cases if a carpet was soaked in a flood it is better to simply dispose of the carpet, it is the best way to eliminate the problem.

As the home made mixture is best suited for non-porous surfaces if the black mold has taken hold on any porous surfaces such as drywall it might be best to call in professionals who do black mold removal in Philadelphia.

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