The Importance of Bee Removal in Dallas, TX

If you’ve noticed bee hives in or near your home or business, never attempt to remove them on your own. A bee sting can present a number of risks to pets, children and older adults. Here’s what you need to know about effective bee removal in Dallas, TX.

Bee Stings Are a Risk

Bee stings can be fatal to individuals who have severe allergies to bees. While most bee stings will result in swelling and mild to moderate pain, in allergic patients, the venom emitted can cause the airways to constrict, possibly leading to death if emergency care isn’t received in a timely manner. For this reason, experts say prevention is better than cure. Symptoms that point to an allergic reaction from a bee sting include nausea, vomiting, dizziness, unconsciousness, fever and extreme swelling.

Some tips for treating bee stings include calling for medical help immediately if the person is having a severe reaction. Remove the venom using a credit card or other flat surface to scrape over the area. Compress the area with ice after removing the stinger and venom. In addition, allergic patients should never be moved until medical help arrives.

Large Swarms Can Indicate Trouble

A few bees here and there are normal during bee season, but if you’ve noticed frequent swarms around your home, it’s better to be safe than sorry. The above repercussions are relevant to stings from wasps, hornets and other types of insects as well. A professional pest control service like Wildlife X Team can provide safe bee removal in Dallas, TX, homes and businesses.

An extermination team realizes the importance bees play in the environment and ecology. As a result, they recommend safe prevention steps that will benefit all.

Other Considerations

Besides the health implications from bee stings, bee removal in Dallas, TX, may be critical for other reasons, including:

  • Odor: When bees die, they will decay and cause an unpleasant smell around the home. A professional can help to eliminate this problem.
  • Damage to the Home: it’s no secret bees create honey. If there are numerous nests around the home’s exterior, this can cause stains on the siding and walls, reducing the curb appeal. Honey and other secretions from bees can furthermore cause interior drywall to temper.

Be proactive about bee removal in Dallas, TX, by contacting the experts at Wildlife X Team International. They perform safe and effective bee removal and relocation services with their tools, training and expertise.

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