The Importance of Professional Squirrel Removal in Columbus OH When the Animals Move Indoors

by | Apr 15, 2019 | Animal Removal

Wildlife control professionals may not want to move squirrels from a residential yard, understanding that it’s difficult for these animals to quickly acclimate to a new location. However, if those critters move into the house, professional squirrel removal in Columbus OH is available with the additional service of identifying entry points where those rodents may be getting inside. Those points can be sealed with caulk or closed off with mesh, depending on whether the area must stay open for ventilation.

Potential Problems

Squirrel removal in Columbus OH is necessary when the animals take up residence inside because they can do a great deal of damage. They have a strong tendency to chew on wood, and they leave droppings everywhere. They may carry fleas that jump off and infest other parts of the house. Pest control technicians also can provide cleanup service and sanitize the places where the squirrels had been active.

The Reason to Eschew Rodent Poison

Homeowners may be tempted to set out poison, but this is strongly discouraged for a few important reasons.

First, squirrels that feel sick are likely to crawl inside the walls before they succumb to the poison. As the bodies begin to decay, the stench drifts down to the living areas below. This problem can linger for weeks unless somebody dismantles attic walls and finds the bodies.

Second, if the animals do expire outdoors, they might be eaten by a bird of prey or another animal. This could poison a hawk, eagle, or someone’s pet dog.

A New Squirrel Home

A squirrel box that provides a place for the animals to quickly move into encourages them to stop trying to get into the house. It takes time to build a nest of leaves in a tree, but they feel safe inside the box.

One fortunate aspect of squirrels moving indoors is they tend to do so in autumn as the weather starts getting cold. They usually are not having babies at this time of year, so an organization like The Wildlife Control Company should only need to catch and release one or two animals. Find more information about this particular company at the website.

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