The Importance of Regular Testing and Maintenance of Fire Alarms in Des Moines IA

In the event of a fire, fire alarms are one of a building’s first defenses. They give occupants of residential and commercial buildings notice that something is wrong, and alert the fire department that assistance is needed. Not only does this perform the function of damage control, ensuring that help is on the way as soon as possible, but it can also make the difference between dealing with fire damaged possessions and confronting the truly tragic loss of human life.

As such, it is important that your Fire Alarms in Des Moines IA function properly. This can be accomplished through regular inspection and testing. These tests must be performed by trained and NICET certified personnel, and should be performed at least once a year. Regular visual inspections and further testing should be performed as needed by the property owner as well.

During an official inspection, technicians will test the safety and functionality of your full alarm system. This includes an inspection of the control panel and annunciator, verifying the monitoring connection, and testing all safety features. These include bells, pull stations, any audio/visual alert devices such as pathway lights, door holders, elevator recall, and duct, thermal, and smoke detectors. The Sensitivity of smoke detectors must be verified every two years.

In addition, an evacuation plan should be agreed upon in advance and practiced regularly with anyone who habitually occupies the space. This ensures that in the event of an actual fire, leaving the building will be as easy as possible. Many people become confused or panic when they see the first signs of smoke, but having a plan can help to prevent some of that panic.

Any noticeable damage to alarm systems should be repaired immediately. Putting it off may not seem like a big deal, but preventative fire safety should always be a priority. No one can predict when a residential or commercial fire might strike. If you are in need of inspections, system repairs, or the installation of new Fire Alarms in Des Moines IA or any of the accompanying alarm systems and safety measures, visit website to find out more. Maintaining proper building safety is important; trust it to the professionals.

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