The Importance of Routine Maintenance by an HVAC Contractor in New Richmond WI

The Importance of Routine Maintenance by an HVAC Contractor in New Richmond WI

As autumn arrives, homeowners in the northern Midwest realize that cold days are ahead. Leaves change color and fall to the ground, chipmunks and squirrels grab acorns from the lawn, and it starts getting dark pretty early in the evening. This is the time to have an HVAC Contractor in New Richmond WI check over the furnace and make sure everything is in good working order. During this routine maintenance appointment, the technician cleans and inspects the system, and recommends any replacement of components that would be advisable to prevent a breakdown. Homeowners who have this service completed every autumn have peace of mind going into the winter that their furnace will continue working properly throughout the harshest temperatures of the season.

A furnace eventually becomes old enough that it is subject to a breakdown even when the routine maintenance has been done. A company such as Boldt’s Plumbing & Heating Inc is appreciated at this moment, because they provide 24-hour emergency service. Most homeowners can’t be left without heat for any length of time during the kinds of temperatures typical of Wisconsin in January and February. They are accustomed to dealing with temperatures that not only fall below freezing but below zero on occasion. A house quickly becomes very cold in those circumstances when the furnace stops working. The mercury can drop 10 or 20 degrees over several hours.

An HVAC Contractor in New Richmond WI also can give the homeowner a “heads up” when it’s time to think about replacing the furnace. The homeowner might get another year or two out of the appliance if necessary, but plans should be made for acquiring a new one. In addition to avoiding a total furnace breakdown, the homeowner will have a more efficient heating system that should allow the family to cut their utility bills. If they don’t have a central air conditioner, this is a good time to get one. Including the central air installation with the new furnace installation costs less than having the two installed separately. Even though Wisconsin gets a lot of attention for its cold winters, it’s also known for having hot summers.

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