The Many Uses For Ornamental Iron

The Many Uses For Ornamental Iron

Ornamental iron, often referred to as “wrought iron” is a decorative element that is often used in the construction of fences, gates, furniture and railings. As it is low carbon steel it is impervious to the weather and difficult to destroy. Architects, designers and builders often incorporate Chicago ornamental iron during the renovation of period homes. When it is employed as a decorative embellishment it makes a pronouncement about the owner’s impeccable taste.

There is a host of places where ornamental iron can be used outdoors. It is used to produce fencing which is designed to guard a property from intruders or unwanted wild life; a gate adds a certain charm to the entrance of the garden or patio area of a home. When used as handrails on steps leading to the door of a home it adds substantial support during inclement weather and is also very attractive.

Chicago ornamental iron harkens back to a more leisurely time, up until today ornamental iron is hand formed in a forge where iron bars are heated and turned into a range of interesting shapes by a blacksmith. Each piece of ornamental iron is slightly different; as it is handcrafted no two sections are absolutely identical. The price for hand forged ornamental iron depends on the size of the piece as well as its complexity.

There is no end to the available styles and designs used in the production of ornamental iron pieces. Standard square bars can be turned into elegant scrolls while floral pieces can be used to embellish baskets. Doors and gates often include balls along the length of the bars. The bars can be finished with pointed spears on the top for additional security.

Today there are alternatives to hand forged Chicago ornamental iron, one popular alternative is the use of aluminum sections rather than solid mild steel, hollow steel tubing is also used. Aluminum, being a softer metal lends itself to cold forming and for a natural look the metal can be anodized against corrosion.

Many decorative components used in the manufacturer of fence sections, gates, handrails, etc are made from cast aluminum or iron; casting being a low cost, high quality alternative to forging.

Ornamental iron is one of the all time favorites for patio furniture. Tables can be designed and produced which accommodate a glass top, chairs and loungers are easily made to compliment the overall design. There is little doubt that Chicago ornamental iron adds to the beauty, style and functionality of the outdoor space of your home.

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