The Perfect Residential Storage and a Convenient Portable Office Trailer Too

Storage units are handy, but it can be difficult for people to always have access to them when they need to. This can be because of the operating hours of the facility or it could be due to a move which has left the owner of the belongings living miles away from their storage space. There is now an improved option to the storage unit and it offers many benefits for anyone who needs storage space. Here are a few of mobile storage units.

For Residential Customers

Mobile storage provides a safe space for your items while you remodel, redecorate or even fumigate. You do not need to worry about anything being lost or damaged during the process and your house will be cleared, making it easier and more efficient for you to work in.

Portable storage units make it easy to move your belongings from one home to another without a large moving truck in the yard. The storage units can be removed as they are filled and moved to your new home or taken to a storage facility until you are ready.

They are physically easier to use than loading and unloading belongings off a large moving truck. Moving trucks have ramps which movers need to trudge up and down hundreds of times during a move. With mobile storage units, this is unnecessary, saving a lot of steps and energy.

For Commercial Customers

Relocate your office with the use of an Office Trailer. You will have the ability to keep private documents and electronics secure during the entire move.

Contractors and decorators can offer these units to their customers as an added benefit. Clients are able to secure their belongings and the contractors will have less worries about breaking valuables during construction. Contractors can also use these an on-site Office Trailer themselves, to keep their plans, tools or other personal items secure while on the job.

Climate controlled units can be used to keep refrigerated items safe during a move or can protect inventory during a power or if a commercial freezer is broken down.

Avoid making extra trips or wasting time and effort using a storage unit miles from where they are. Mobile units are more convenient and often more affordable than the costs of a moving truck. Find out more today.

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