The Possibilities for Frameless and Semi-Framed Hinged Shower Doors in Santa Clarita CA

The Possibilities for Frameless and Semi-Framed Hinged Shower Doors in Santa Clarita CA

Frameless shower doors are becoming increasingly popular, as they add a streamlined look to bathrooms and can also make the room look more spacious. These doors are available in sliding models and those that have a door that moves outward on hinges. Hinged Shower Doors in Santa Clarita CA have subtle hardware that isn’t obvious to a casual observer.

Partial Frames

Some sliding and Hinged Shower Doors in Santa Clarita CA have a partial frame so that one side and the top is completely clear of any hardware. The products can be installed for a standalone shower or for a shower in a bathtub. The hinged model requires more space since the door must open to the exterior of the shower.

No Obstructions

Nothing can be in the way of the door, so the room typically must be relatively large. Safety codes don’t allow for these doors to only open inward, although it’s OK if they swing to both the inside and outside. They have to fully open externally so someone can quickly and easily reach a person who has fallen in the shower and may be badly hurt.

Room Size

These types of doors usually are installed in master bathrooms, since the second full bathroom tends to be significantly smaller. It might only have room for a standalone shower on the opposite wall from the sink and cabinet. However, the homeowner can take measurements and see if this setup might be feasible.

The Door for a Bathtub

People normally don’t keep a shower curtain pulled shut while they take a bath, but they might keep a clear shower door closed. The door provides additional sound buffering from the rest of the residence and holds in some of the warmth that can quickly dissipate through the room’s air.

Aesthetic Advantages

This type of upgrade to a bathroom can make it look much more modern. It also conveys a more luxurious appearance, especially as compared with the average shower curtain. Anyone who is interested in this home improvement project may contact a company such as Palmdale Glass & Mirror Co., starting with the website

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