Three Ways Your Umbrella Makes a Fashion Statement

True fashionistas know that every accessory makes a tremendous impact on your entire ensemble, but few are as functional as they are fashionable. Your rain umbrella protects you from trickle and torrent, but it can only protect you from citation by the fashion police if you let it help you.

You probably are familiar with the eye-catching line of rain protection known as Raintec Umbrella, but you may not be aware of exactly how broad the offering is. No matter your age, career, or philosophy of life, you can find an umbrella that proclaims or conceals as much as you want.

Wet days are often gray and drab, but your outfits will pop if you choose a brightly colored rain umbrella. A swash of red or twist of yellow will assure that all eyes are on you when everything else is lost to drops and puddles.

For more whimsical outfits, consider a novelty umbrella. Often figural, such rain gear may have little ears or the implication of whiskers to hint at a kitten, a puppy, or some other equally adorable animal. While these are exceptionally popular with children, they help adults make fashion splashes, too, as they express their inner children.

If your outfit truly rocks and deserves to be seen through the rain, you may want to purchase a transparent umbrella. First popularized in the 60s, these have experienced a renewal of appreciation for the last couple of years, and that means that rainy day fashionistas can be beautiful and sassy even when the sky bursts.

Choosing a rain umbrella might seem like a small job to most people, but to those with a keen sense of fashion, it carries with it a lot of questions. First and foremost are “Is it functional?” and “How does it look?” If you manage to find a rain umbrella that makes you look and feel smart, get it. Those traits are hard to come by.

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