Tips for Choosing a Mold Removal Service in Alexandria, VA

by | Sep 20, 2016 | Business

If a homeowner is facing a mold problem for the first time and they plan to hire a Mold Removal Service in Alexandria VA, it’s likely that they do not know what to look for. Mold can degrade the home’s condition and the family’s health, and it is important for customers to choose a company that can do the job right. Click Here for some useful tips to help customers weed out substandard companies.

Focus on Experience

Customers should choose companies that have a history of dealing with similar mold issues. Whether problems arise due to water intrusion, moisture, or the home’s HVAC system, companies should be able to solve the problem by following current remediation standards.

Consider Insurance

If the company is not sufficiently insured, customers are at risk. Before making a hiring decision, a customer should ask to see proof of insurance consisting of pollution and general liability coverages as well as worker’s compensation. If the customer needs to file a homeowner’s insurance claim, they should ask the mold remediation company if they work with the insurer to file the necessary paperwork.

Conflicts of Interest

Due to the risk of a conflict of interest, customers should ensure that the company testing the home’s indoor air is not affiliated with the mold remediation firm. Additionally, it is the customer’s responsibility to determine whether the firm is related to a contractor. The firm should disclose such relationships before the customer signs a contract.


Customers should ensure the company they choose clearly explains the costs of additional work in case new damage is found after the job starts. A client has more control over modified expenditures if prices are based on the area or volume of extra work as opposed to an hourly fee. When pricing is done per area, contractors are motivated to complete the job in a timely fashion.

Written Reports

A Mold Removal Service in Alexandria VA should offer a written post-inspection report containing details of the areas inspected, the reasons for mold growth, and the steps to be taken to solve the problem. If mold is growing in the home, the customer should call a local mold removal firm for efficient, complete remediation.

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