Tips for Designing Effective Banners in Fontana CA

Tips for Designing Effective Banners in Fontana CA

Banners can be used in a number of settings. They are great for calling attention to the grand opening of a new business. The banners are also helpful when exhibiting at a job fair or a trade show. In any setting, it pays to make sure those Banners in Fontana CA include elements that attract the right type of attention. Here are some tips that will help.

The Best Color Combination

One of the first points to settle with Banners in Fontana CA is the number and shades of colors to use. Remember that the idea is for the banner to catch the eye of anyone who happens to come by, but the impression must be a positive one. Consider the setting where the exhibit will be set up. Choosing colors that will not fade into the background is a good idea but stick with options that do not jar the eye. For example, there is no need to use an electric green shade for the background color just because the space is paneled in dark wood. A bright color like red or yellow would be easier to the eyes and motivate people to take a closer look.

Whatever color is chosen for the background, make sure it allows the lettering to be read with ease. No one wants to squint at a banner in an attempt to make out the slogan or the business name. The contrast must be clear enough to ensure the slogan or tag line can be read with ease. Doing so will encourage more people to stop and come over for a quick look.

How About Graphics and Images?

Many people associated text with banners, and that approach is just fine. Remember that adding an image or some type of graphic increases the visual appeal of the banner. For example, placing the company logo to the left of the text and using an image on the other end to balance out the logo will create an appealing look. The combination may be just what is needed to entice people to visit the exhibit and learn more.

For anyone who needs a banner for an upcoming project, contact the team at Engrave N Embroider Things today. With a little planning, it will not take long to come up with the right design and have it ready well before the event date arrives.

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