Tips for Evaluating Wedding Reception Halls in Campbell, CA

There are a lot of decisions to make before the wedding day. One of them has to do with where to hold the reception. When checking out what different wedding reception halls in Campbell CA have to offer, it pays to keep a few essentials in mind. Here are some tips on how to choose the right hall and look forward to a wonderful reception.

Is the Hall Large Enough?

Think about everything that will need to fit in the space. That means room for tables and chairs that the guests can use. There also must be room for the bride’s table and the groom’s table. Remember that the punch and the food have to go somewhere in the space. If there will be live music, where will the band set up and how much room will be left for dancing? Having some idea of how much square footage is needed will make it easier to focus on Wedding Reception Halls in Campbell CA that are large enough to ensure there’s room for everything.


Which halls in town happen to be free on the right date? A lot of time and trouble can be saved by calling each of the halls and finding out if they are already booked. If not, schedule a time to visit the hall and see what it has to offer. Between the halls that are not available and the ones that are too small, it will be easier to narrow the choices down to a few.


While the focus is on having enough room in the hall, don’t overlook the need for ample parking. Guests should not have to walk several blocks in order to get to the event. Parking that is on the site or at least adjacent will mean everyone can come in and enjoy themselves with relative ease.

Before a lot of time is spent looking at different halls, contact the team at Corinthian Grand Ballroom and schedule a time to check out the facilities. Find out what the space has to offer in the way of food preparation areas, chair and table rentals, and options for getting the space ready for a reception. After finding out more about what is available, there won’t be the need to look anywhere else.

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