Tips to Find a High Quality Vitamin

With the numerous options available to consumers, selecting a high quality option is not always simple. There are many different companies claiming to be the “best,” which means you have to decipher which one is right. There are a number of factors to consider when selecting a vitamin from the Vitamin Manufacture‏ process to the ingredients. Some tips to help you decide are highlighted here.

Are you able to identify and pronounce the majority of the ingredients?

When you find a quality vitamin, you will be able to recognize this because the majority of the ingredients included on the label will be easily recognized and easy to pronounce. With high quality vitamins, you will find ingredients such as: calcium lactate; magnesium lactate; soybean lecithin; nutritional yeast; and liver.

Look for vitamins that include whole food ingredients.

This is best because these types of ingredients will contain all of the known, as well as the unknown, minerals and nutrients that are found in various types of food. Even though many reports do not express this face, a small dose of a vitamin with whole foods is much more beneficial than large doses of a synthetic or chemical vitamin. Be on the lookout for whole foods such as broccoli; carrot; beet-root; liver; fish oil; pancreas; spleen; etc.

Avoid any type of artificial flavorings or colors.

Artificial flavors and colors are cheap for vitamin manufacturers, but they offer no nutritional value and can actual decrease health when they are consumed. When you begin to look for vitamins, avoid ones that include ingredients such as Yellow Dye #5 and Red Dye #3, as well as any “artificial flavoring.”

Avoid any types of low quality fillers.

One of the primary differences between vitamin manufactures is the ingredients that are used for fillers or stabilizers. Cheap options include a wheat or corn filler. However, these provide virtually no nutritional benefits. A higher quality supplement or vitamin will use an antioxidant rich filler that is from a vegetable source in order to prevent any oxidation and the breakdown of the vitamins.

When you know what to look for, you can feel confident that you have purchased a high quality vitamin. This is essential in ensuring your optimum health and will ensure that you receive the highest level of nutrients possible when they are taken.


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