Top Three Considerations for Hiring a Voiceover Artist

Top Three Considerations for Hiring a Voiceover Artist

No matter what purpose you need a voiceover artist for and in whatever language, you will need to hire exactly the right person for the job. You will need to think about what gender, accent, and manner of speech you want from your narration and whether the person you hire is fully professional. These are just a few of the key considerations to make when choosing:

1. Branding says that since every company has its own unique brand and image it is trying to maintain, voice actors should become a part of that brand. You might want to think about what region and accent you need from your actor as we associate accents with certain stereotypes – A British accent sounds more refined to our ears while a Canadian accent is interpreted as friendly.

2. Professionalism

Not every person, and not even every actor, can perform a voiceover. You will only have so much recording time so you will need a skilled and experienced professional who can deliver a performance on their first few takes rather than spending a long time trying to get it right. Voice artist Debbie Grattan said on Linkedin that an artist with no experience won’t be any good but one who has plenty of years’ worth of experience in the industry will know instinctively how to do the job on time and to a high standard.

3. Budget and Value

An inexperienced or part time actor may charge a lower rate, but their delivery won’t be as good as a more expensive actor. Look at how much you can afford with your budget and whether each professional you consider is providing value for what they charge.

Just like when contracting any type of professional, you will need to choose a voice artist who has experience, charges a fair amount, and can provide what you need. Keep these factors in mind and you will find just the right actor for your project.

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