Update Your Patio

by | May 20, 2019 | Home Improvement

Patio covers Bakersfield allow you to enjoy more time in your backyard. The intense California sunshine may make it too hot to spend much time outside during the summer months of the year. With our patio covers, you get some shade and respite from direct sunlight. This makes it easier for you to go outdoors for your breakfast, coffee, dinner or an evening beverage. If you like to sit on the patio and read a book, you will be more comfortable in the shade of the patio cover.

Our patio covers come in several different styles and colors in order to coordinate with the exterior of your home. They are also easy to operate. The automatic covers extend and retract with just the push of a button. If a rainstorm is on the way, you can fold it in for safety. The covers easily withstand a gentle rain shower, so there is no need to go inside if it begins to sprinkle. You could enjoy the smell of the rain and the cool breeze from the change in weather without having to get wet. The patio covers are also easy to clean with your garden hose and a spray attachment. They resist mildew, algae, rust and corrosion. They do not fade from exposure to sunlight.

At Northwest, we are proud to be your local providers of home updates and improvements. Get more use out of your patio this year with our patio covers Bakersfield. For more information or to schedule one of our associates to come out to your home and provide you with a free estimate, give us a call today. You may also visit us online at https://northwestexteriors.com/ in order to take a look at the styles, sizes and colors of patio covers that we have to offer.

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