Visit a Pet Doctor in Honolulu for Distemper Vaccinations

Many people think that their pets don’t really need all of the vaccination that their vets suggest that they get. While some vaccinations may not be necessary for certain pets, such as indoor cats, most pets do need to have certain vaccinations in order for them to be healthy and immune to a number of health problems. One of these vaccinations is the distemper shot. All dogs should have this shot. While distemper is a rare disease, it is a serious one which can lead to seizures, spasms, paralysis, and even death. All dogs are susceptible to this disease, which is airborne.

If one doesn’t visit a Pet Doctor in Honolulu to have their dog vaccinated against distemper, they could be facing a lot of problems. Not only will they have a very sick dog if it does get the disease, they will also end up having to spend a lot of money in vet bills. It is a much better idea to simply spend a little bit of money on the shot, if only for peace of mind. The disease is treatable in its early stages, but dogs that do make it through often display symptoms for the rest of their lives.

Pet owners often worry about the safety of vaccinations for their furry children. While some vaccinations can be dangerous, the vaccine for distemper is one of the safest, and one of the most effective. It should not be given to puppies under 12 weeks of age, but it is safe after this age. There is a very high mortality rate for dogs that do not have this vaccination. This can be avoided by a quick trip to the Pet Doctor in Honolulu.

Pet owners should talk to their veterinarians about the best vaccinations for their dogs and cats. Different pets need different types of vaccinations, and they are susceptible to different diseases. Some of these diseases can be transferred from pet to pet, so other animals in the home could also become infected. When pets are vaccinated, pet parents have much less to worry about, and they can enjoy their pets even more.

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