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Good health is more than eating healthy food and exercising. Oral hygiene, regular dental cleanings, and removal of decay will help to improve an individual’s health. Missing, damaged, or crooked teeth can affect an individual’s self-esteem and an experienced dentist in Attleboro MA can correct these problems, improve the way an individual feels about himself or herself, and improve their health. Unsightly silver fillings can be replaced with matching tooth-colored composite material that looks completely natural.

Periodontal Disease, Also Known As Gum Disease

Many individuals are not aware that they have gum disease because there are little or no symptoms in its early stages. Gum disease can cause the loss of a tooth when the roots have been damaged. Various symptoms could be the sign of gum disease including red and puffy gums, persistent bad breath, gums that bleed, new spacing between the teeth, loose teeth, receding gums, and tenderness or discomfort.

Discolored Teeth

Age, food, medication, beverages and many other things can turn brilliant white teeth darker. Teeth whitening in a dental office is an outstanding option to achieve a brighter and whiter smile. This type of process takes an hour in a dental office, and the color will be even and the gums and lips will be protected from the solution causing irritation to the patient.

Cosmetic Procedures

A Dentist in Attleboro MA can perform a variety of cosmetic procedures to improve and individual’s smile. These can include orthodontics, dental implants, porcelain crown, veneers, dental implants, bridges and so much more. An individual can enjoy the beautiful smile they’ve always wanted with the state-of-the-art treatments available today.

Dental Implants

When a tooth is missing, a dental implant can permanently fix the problem. An individual will have to have an examination performed by a dentist to determine if their jawbone is strong enough for a titanium post. If the bone is strong, a titanium post will be inserted and a crown will be attached whenever healing of the gum tissue has completed.

If you’re interested in improving your overall health and improving your self-esteem, please feel free to click here. A new you is just a dental visit away.

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