Wedding Reception Ideas

Each year, over 120,000 Australians tie the knot. Your wedding day will undoubtedly be one of the most important days of your life, and so you should take the time to plan it properly. The key to making sure your guests can let loose and make fond memories at the reception is taking inspiration from the professionals. Whatever theme you go for, whether it’s classic, modern or vintage, it’s worth surprising guests with plenty of entertainment and party games. From the decorations to the music, the following ideas will guarantee a memorable ceremony.

Hiring an Artist

If you want to capture the special occasion with something other than photography or videography, why not hire an artist to paint the wedding reception? Get recommendations from friends or family, and browse the web to track down someone with raw talent. Would you rather the artist paint something quirky, rather than an accurate portrayal of the wedding festivities? If so, find an artist who is experienced at drawing caricature sketches, which will keep the kids entertained for hours.

Elderly Flower Girls

Instead of focusing attention on the kids by giving them flower girl duties and such, consider asking grandmothers and grandfathers to assist with the wedding! Asking the older generation to toss petals is an adorable way of including them in your special day. If your grandather or elderly relative has a talent, whether it is guitar playing, singing or dancing, why not ask him or her to show it off at the reception? This will save you the hassle of tracking down an entertainer and will save you money, too.

Family Style Food

Once vows have been exchanged, you will become part of the other person’s family, so why not give the wedding a close knit family feel by serving food on a long table? A budget friendly choice, family style food will encourage conversation between guests. Forget about spending a lot of money hiring caterers to prepare drinks and edibles for the big day, because you can ask guests to each bring something homemade with them, whether it’s a hearty stew or a delectable dessert. When everyone’s plates have been cleared, lead guests in the direction of a life-size Jenga game on the lawn, or invite them to have their photo taken at an onsite photo booth.

Wedding packages at the Lorne Hotel include venue hire, function coordinator assistance and wedding cake cutting and serving.

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