What a Civil Lawyer in Chico CA Does

Civil courts are those that handle civil cases rather than criminal matters. In a civil suit, a plaintiff files a claim against another party whom they believe has caused economic loss. A plaintiff typically requests monetary damages or a court order that compels the defendant to perform certain actions. In this guide, readers can Visit Website to learn what goes on in civil court and they will learn how hiring a civil attorney can help them achieve a fair and reasonable outcome.

Claims Covered in Civil Court

A Civil Lawyer in Chico CA may handle issues from a variety of law areas. These issues may include:

• Personal injury matters

• Family law disputes

• Real estate and property cases

• Business, contract and IP (intellectual property) disputes

How Civil Courts and Criminal Courts Differ

Criminal courts differ from civil courts in that a criminal case is filed at the state level for a statutory violation. By comparison, civil suits involve disputes between private parties. There are other differences regarding:

• The standard of proof. In criminal cases, the defendant’s guilt must be proven beyond reasonable doubt. This is higher than in civil cases, where the case must be proven by a preponderance of the evidence.

• Legal consequences. Civil cases typically result in an injunction or economic damages award, while criminal cases usually involve steep fines and possible jail time.

Finally, various constitutional protections apply in criminal cases that do not always apply in civil courts, such as the right to legal representation. Some violations can be tried under civil or criminal law, or both. For example, there are civil and criminal laws on assault.

Should a Civil Court Complainant Hire Legal Representation?

Unlike in criminal cases, parties in civil cases must obtain their own legal representation. A person facing civil action may need to consult an attorney if they have issues regarding real estate, personal injury or any of a variety of other civil matters. A civil litigation lawyer can explain how state law affects one’s case, and the Civil Lawyer in Chico CA can be there to provide advice and representation in court.

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