What Can You Watch With CCTV Cameras In Cardiff?

It does not really matter where you live but, let’s take Cardiff as an example. CCTV or closed circuit television enables one to watch just about anything that a CCTV camera is pointed at – provided the camera is turned on and it is sending its pictures to a monitor (for watching the “action” live as it happens) or a recording device (for later selective viewing). Why and when would you want to watch these things is another question.

Isn’t It Surveillance?
Yes of course it is. But, what is so wrong in that? There seems to be some sort of “politically correct” thinking in today’s society that surveillance is a “bad thing” but, if you are doing nothing but good, why would you object to someone seeing your actions? Surveilling road traffic can help spot congestion and take action to avoid it at the same time as it could be used to catch traffic offenders or escaping robbers. It is possible to take the use of CCTV Cameras In Cardiff too far but, no one is suggesting that they be used in (say) the cubicles of public toilets.

Improving Efficiency And Providing Security
In the work place, there may be places in (say) a fast moving production line in Cardiff where it is not practical to have a human monitoring the progress of the line. Strategically placed CCTV Cameras In Cardiff will continuously monitor and relay the pictures back to a computerised control system which can be programmed to stop the line and sound an alarm the moment something goes amiss. This would be an example of good use of CCTV.

However, if CCTV Cameras In Cardiff are also monitoring the employees as they carry out their work, is that an invasion of privacy or not? Hasn’t the employer a right to make sure that the employees are earning their pay? This could be a gray area concerning the use of CCTV. But, the footage would have to be viewed before any action could be taken against erring employees and this highlights another aspect of using CCTV. In this case, the CCTV Cameras In Cardiff should be highly visible so that the employees know that there is every possibility that, if they skive off, they will be seen doing so and action may result. The same applies with CCTV Cameras In Cardiff shops, banks, petrol stations, etc – the cameras are there more to be deterrents than to provide evidence after the event.

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