What Hair Thinning Treatment in West Chester, PA is Right for You

by | Dec 7, 2017 | Health

When people think about individuals who are balding or that struggle with thinning hair, most people think about men. While this sort of condition does affect men far more often than it does women, thinning hair can be a problem for women. The problem is that because men make up the majority of the demographic when it comes to baldness or thinning hair, there aren’t many specific treatments for women. Fortunately, if a woman is looking for a Hair Thinning Treatment in West Chester, PA especially treatments that are effective, there are options.

Nutritional Changes

For women that prefer not to take medications, there is some evidence to suggest that an effective Hair Thinning Treatment in West Chester PA is changing a woman’s nutrition. However, what many men and women have found is that thinning hair is largely determined by a person’s genes rather than nutrition. While improving a person’s nutrition can help to a certain extent, the effect it can have on thinning hair is often considered minimal.

Hormone Replacement Therapy

Hormone replacement therapy is beneficial when a woman begins menopause. However, a mixture of estrogen and progesterone has also been shown to significantly affect women that are experiencing hair thinning.


One of the most beneficial types of medication is a minoxidil topical cream. For most women, a 2% minoxidil cream over a 5% minoxidil cream that is often prescribed for men has shown some tremendous results in helping women to have thicker hair.

Birth Control Pills

One particular medication that isn’t often thought of for helping with alopecia, but can be effective are oral contraceptives. Like many medications, oral contraceptives were created to prevent a woman from getting pregnant. Studies have shown that these contraceptives can also be used as a way to combat alopecia and it is something that physicians have been doing for quite some time.

A Hair Thinning Treatment in West Chester, PA isn’t relegated to just one particular method. There are also laser hair rejuvenation caps that can be worn, hair implants, and a host of other supplements and medical treatments. While not every treatment will work for you, by speaking with the experts at the BeBalanced Center or visit their website at , you’ll have a better idea of the right types of hair thinning treatments that may win the battle against thinning hair.

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