What is a Watch Bezel for Anyway?

by | Jul 14, 2014 | Shopping

If you have ever worn a watch that is not digital, you may have noticed a ring around the face of the watch. The functional purpose of this ring is to hold the watch crystal in place, but they can also have other uses and functions.

One of the most noticeable functions of a watch bezel is when it is used for decorative purposes. May watch brands can be distinguished by their distinctive bezel styles. Some bezels are simple rings made of metals such as stainless steel, gold or titanium. Some are even trimmed out in diamonds or other precious stones. The metal that a bezel is made of and the inclusion of precious stones can drive the price of a watch up considerably.

Some watches are also designed with watch bezels that can be changed to match other jewelry or special outfits. For example, if someone has a watch with a stainless steel bezel but all their other jewelry is gold, they may wish to change out the bezel to match. Not all bezels are designed to be removed and since the bezel is designed to hold the watch crystal on, it may be best to take the watch to a reputable jeweler such as Harry C Glinberg Jewelers when changing out the bezel.

Watch bezels can be purely functional as well. Many diving and sport watches have bezels that are designed to help timing events or even gauge the pressure underwater. These kinds of uses usually require that the wearer turn the bezel manually. These watches can also be used in this way by people who are not as sporty. Some users use the bezel to time cooking, set reminders for themselves and even as a way to measure distance traveled without a GPS.

Next time you are buying a watch you may want to give the bezel more consideration. Think about the materials that it is made of and if it adds value to the watch. If you like the idea of having an interchangeable bezel, make sure that the watch you select is capable of that. And finally, think about all the interesting uses that you have for the bezel that you may not have realized before. Watch Videos!

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