What Is and Is Not in Healthy Energy Bars

by | Oct 3, 2018 | Caffeinated Snacks

Today, people have the option to learn about the products they choose to consume. Food manufacturers are required to provide information on the ingredients used in any food item sold in the United States, and they also have to provide an analysis of bars in the nutrition facts section of the label.

However, looking at the ingredients and the nutrition facts is not always helpful if people are not aware of what to look for in healthy energy bars and what to avoid. There are some simple steps to keep in mind when reading labels to make sure you make the healthiest choice.

Real Ingredients

A quick read of the actual ingredients list provides consumers with all the information they need about what is in any products marketed as healthy energy bars.

The ingredients should be items you recognize. This can include dates, peanuts, dark chocolate, natural cane sugars, crisped brown rice, oats, coffee, salt, and natural flavors. Make sure products are organic in the listing and also look for companies that use gluten, dairy, and soy free ingredients and formulations.

For vegans and vegetarians, check to make sure the product is listed as vegan and also check to make sure it is non-GMO.

Artificial flavors, chemicals, and ingredients that are unknown or impossible to pronounce are not a good option in a healthy alternative in an energy bar.

Caffeine Levels

It is important that healthy energy bars have a moderate level of caffeine that is well tolerated. Too much caffeine in an energy bar can create issues with jitters, anxiety and even a racing heart rate.

Ideally, the caffeine level should be approximately the same as a standard cup of coffee, so about 80mg of caffeine. This gives a little bit of a pick-up for post workout, during an afternoon energy slump or anytime you need a boost.

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