What to Expect During a Root Canal in Mt Clemens

One of the most overlooked aspects of a persons overall health and well being is their oral care. If you have teeth that are bothering you, it is important to talk to a dentist right away so you can prevent the problem from becoming worse. If you have been told that you need a Root Canal in Mt Clemens, you may be stricken with fear. While the process was barbaric in past years, new advancements in oral technology have made the process easier to complete and less painful. Before you let your fears keep you from getting a root canal, make sure you keep reading so you can have an understanding of what to expect during the process.

Initial Examination The first thing the dentist will want to do is a basic examination of your mouth. This will help them ensure that you are healthy enough for the procedure and that it is indeed the work you need to have completed to get relief. Don’t let a dentist begin work on your mouth until they take the time to exam it and provide you with a full condition report. Preparation Once you have been cleared for the procedure, they will apply a topical numbing agent and inject Novocaine to help deaden any feeling you may have in that tooth. If your tooth does not numb easily, they may need to use nitrous oxide to help calm your nerves and increase the effectiveness of the Novocaine injections. Root Canal Procedure Once they are sure that your are numb, they will begin the procedure. They will drill down into the tooth that you are having trouble with and remove the nerve that is attached. This will completely kill the tooth and eliminate any pain you may have been experiencing instantly.

They will then place a crown over the tooth to help seal it in and give the tooth a normal appearance. Don’t wait any longer to visit a dentist. The team at Making Beautiful Smiles of Mt Clemens has been providing quality and compassionate dental care for years, and they will be there to give you the best smile possible and calm your fears. Call them today to schedule your initial patient exam and take control of your oral health once and for all.

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