What To Expect During A Root Canal Treatment, Burlington

by | Nov 5, 2019 | Dentist

Many people will dread at the mere sound of “root canals” from their dentists. Ignore all the myths being propagated online about root canals being painful as their primary goals. Root Canals Burlington are performed to save severely damaged and infected teeth. Thanks to modern dentistry and technological advancements, root canals have evolved into relatively comfortable and quick therapies. If you are looking to have a root canal procedure performed, here’s what to expect.


Your dentist may take a number of X-Rays of the damaged tooth for further analysis. This allows him or her to identify and study the extent of the damage. Usually, local anesthesia is administered to numb the adjacent tissues surrounding the damaged tooth. In cases where the tooth is no longer sensitive, anesthesia isn’t necessary.

Pulp removal

The pulp consists of nerves and blood vessels within a tooth’s internal structure. Your dentist will access the inner part of the tooth through the crown and remove any infected and damaged pulp. Should you have any dental abscess, your dentist will find a way to drain it clean.

Cleaning and filling

After removing all infected pulp, your dentist will clean the internal parts of the tooth. It should leave a hollow cave in the tooth up to the roots. Root canals Burlington have to be enlarged and filled to complete the tooth’s structure. The filling part may take several hours to complete depending on the type of tooth. The more roots the infected tooth has, the longer you expect the treatment to take.


Once it’s filled, the dentist will fix a crown to reinforce the integrity of the filling. The entire process of a root canal could take more than one session to complete successfully.

Are you the right candidate for root canal therapy? Reach us today to schedule an appointment and save that tooth immediately.

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