What to Know About Dental Crowns in Alexandria VA

What to Know About Dental Crowns in Alexandria VA

Part of having enhanced dental health involves seeing a dentist on a regular basis. This dentist may suggest Dental Crowns in Alexandria VA at some point during a patient’s dental visits. By learning about this restorative device, a patient can decide if it’s the best choice for him. It will also help a person know how to care for crowns and what to expect from the dentist.

A crown is a man-made cover that fits on top of a tooth. It safeguards against damage to retaining as much tooth structure as possible. These devices can be used for restorative purposes to preserve decayed or cracked teeth. They can also be used for the aesthetic appeal to have teeth that are uniform in appearance. A crown may be needed when a tooth had lost dental structure from decay. This loss can be rectified by using a crown to restore the tooth to its previous size. This device may also be needed to replace a poor-fitting crown. Multiple crowns are sometimes installed to fix a bite problem.

Installation of a crown takes about two to three visits. The time between visits is approximately two to three weeks. A dentist will numb a patient’s mouth with a local anesthetic before preparing a tooth for a crown. The tooth will then be reduced and shaped using a drill. When this happens, any present decay will also be removed. An impression will be taken of the reduced tooth and adjacent teeth. Next, a temporary cap will be placed over the reduced tooth until the permanent crown can be cemented into place.

In between visits, don’t consume hard or sticky food. Brushing should be done carefully in small circles around the gumline of the temporary crown. Remove floss by pulling it out from the side instead of the top of the tooth. Not doing this can cause the temporary crown to dislodge. It’s also important to keep from biting down on objects such as pencils. Don’t grind teeth, as this action can also cause a temporary cap to fall out. A patient can look at more info by visiting the website of Dr. McVay. This practice can handle Dental Crowns in Alexandria VA and other types of restorative devices.

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