When to Call an Arborist in West Linn, OR

Trees add a level of beauty to any property, and they provide crucial shade and other benefits with their existence. However, these beautiful works of natural art cannot live forever and you never know when you might need to call an arborist to help save them from issues. Age, storm damage, drought, and other extreme weather or environmental issues can cause serious harm to your trees, but the right companies can help you keep them healthy and strong throughout the year. All you need to do is ensure that the right maintenance is performed at the right time.

Leaves Appearing Late and Falling Early

This is a sign that you should call an arborist in West Linn, OR as soon as possible. These dedicated professionals know everything about trees and their varied species, and they can help diagnose and treat most issues. If you notice leaves falling too early in the year or appearing later than they should, you should not hesitate to call a tree surgeon. Contact us to learn about rates, services, and more associated with the maintenance of trees.

Discolored Leaves or Odd Nodules

This is a sign that your tree is afflicted with some kind of disease. Discolored leaves, leaves without veins, or leaves with odd nodules are not a good sign and you should call an arborist at your earliest convenience. The cost to treat and maintain an existing tree is far more cost-effective than removing a tree altogether and replacing it with a sapling. For this reason, you want to do what you can for your existing trees before you consider having them removed.

Fungus Around Trunk and Roots

Fungi such as mushrooms forming around the base of a tree or sprouting from the roots is a serious sign of decay within the tree. In this case your tree may be dead or dying, as fungus typically grows on dead or decaying organic material. If you notice this sign, call a professional right away as a quick response may help you save your tree.

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