When to Contact a Residential Roofing Contractor in Palm Beach Gardens FL

A roof is something that most people just don’t give a great deal of thought to, at least until it starts to show signs of major failure. There is no reason to let the roof completely cave in before a residential roofing contractor in Palm Beach Gardens FL is called. But how does a person recognize the early warning signs of major roof damage? It may be easier than most people imagine. Here are a few signs that a roof needs to be looked at by the pros sooner rather than later.

Sign #1: The roof has changed color. If the roof has recently changed in color – usually this will mean a dramatic lightening in a hot place like Florida – it may be a sign of some serious damage. The majority of roofs today are coated with a sealant that is designed to repel not only liquids but also the damage from the rays of the sun. When the sun continues to beat down relentlessly on the roof for years, eventually the UV protection in the sealant will wear away. This is evidenced by a significant lightening. If a previously black roof is now a washed-out gray color, it is probably weakened significantly. A roof repair expert may recommend a new coat of sealant.

Sign #2: The roof has a missing shingle. Even a single missing shingle can be a big problem. Usually, if one shingle is one there are others missing just out of sight. For every missing shingle, there is an area on the roof that is now exposed. That area is usually several inches wide and several inches long. This is plenty of space to allow rain, debris, and dirt to sink into the roof. Eventually, it will sink through the roofing materials and into the home. This will create a messy serious of leaks, along with other types of damage like mold if it is not addressed promptly. When you think that your home may need some help from a local residential roofing contractor in Palm Beach Gardens FL, contact us to find out more today.

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