Why Affordable Unlocked Phones Are Becoming Popular

by | Mar 31, 2016 | Telecommunications

Most early cell phones were sold almost exclusively by popular service providers and included contracts. Phone software was “locked” to the providing carrier so devices couldn’t be used with any other service. Over time, more carriers sprung up, and professionals like The Cell Xchange began offering unlocked phones that could be transferred to other services. Today, most customers who want to enjoy flexibility and savings choose unlocked handsets instead of contracts.

Unlocked Phones Offer Flexibility

In the early days of cell phones, companies like AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon offered free or discounted phones to customers who agreed to contracts. Most of them still do. Contracts also provide for equipment upgrades every year or so. However, the costs for those inexpensive phones are rolled into monthly service charges, which can get expensive. In response to rising cell phone costs, many smaller companies like Net10, Straight Talk, and Consumer Cellular began offering affordable service to clients who bring their own phones. Customers soon began having their devices professionally unlocked and then switching carriers. Today, many just shop for Affordable Unlocked Phones.

It Is Easy to Buy and Set up Unlocked Phones

Most communities now include at least one cell phone shop where customers can buy Affordable Unlocked Phones. The businesses also buy customers’ used phones and help them choose the best models. Buying the right type of device is important since some carriers use CDMA technology and some GSM. Switching plans is usually as easy as popping a new SIM (subscriber identity module) card into the new phone. SIM cards are small and have all of a client’s account information on them. Carrier customer service representatives and the stores that sell unlocked phones can easily walk customers through the simple process.

Unlocked Phones Are Economical for International Travel

Global travelers often choose unlocked devices because many can be used with carriers anywhere in the world. Although contract phones might have the technology to work anywhere, contract charges can get very expensive when devices are used outside of their original country. Users often buy inexpensive SIM cards from local carriers overseas and enjoy low costs.

Thousands of cell phone users who want flexibility in choosing providers now buy unlocked phones instead of agreeing to carrier contracts. International travelers use unlocked phones to save money. Technology businesses sell a wide variety of unlocked devices and can help clients switch carriers. You can follow them on Twitter.

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