Why Area Residents Choose Waterproofing Contractors for Masonry Repair in Newton, MA

Why Area Residents Choose Waterproofing Contractors for Masonry Repair in Newton, MA

Newton, Massachusetts, located just a few miles from historic Boston, is home to hundreds of elegant older buildings. In fact, visitors to the New England city often tour the beautifully preserved homes. Despite the fact that the region’s historic structures are very old, they are in beautiful shape. That is because area caretakers, businesses, and homeowners have easy access to full-service contractors like Fitzgerald Restoration Services, Inc. These experts provide world-class Masonry Repair in Newton MA as well as expert waterproofing and remodeling services.

Experienced Stone Masons Restore Original Beauty

It is common for historical societies, commercial businesses, and homeowners to Contact Fitzgerald Restoration for stone work. The company specializes in exquisite craftsmanship and attention to detail. During Masonry Repair in Newton MA, craftsmen precisely replicate original stonework on condos, banks, churches, schools, and stores. They can restore original fireplaces and chimneys. Professionals also re-create brick walkways and stairs. They can add or repair walls, driveways, and original sidewalks. In addition, artisans will add new features to older homes and ensure that the work blends seamlessly with the original styles.

Waterproofing Keeps Buildings Sound and Healthy

Full-service Newton masonry experts are also waterproofing experts. In fact, they routinely find and repair leaks and foundation cracks while restoring buildings. This is critical since water can destabilize structures and create health problems. Even a small amount of moisture might lead to toxic mold, which has been linked to breathing problems. Contractors not only find and fix moisture sources, but also waterproof buildings. They use sealants, caulking and waterproof coatings. Technicians can add repellents and sometimes replace windows and sills that are allowing rain to seep in.

Remodeling Professionals Update and Preserve Structures

Local residents also rely on restoration and waterproofing experts to remodel homes and buildings. The contractors have the craftsmen, experience, and tools to renovate exteriors, foundations, roofs, and historic elements like windows or doors. They also add additions, decks, and patios. Professionals routinely upgrade plumbing, electricity, and fixtures while maintaining the historic style of homes.

The residents of Newton, Massachusetts depend on masonry contractors to maintain and restore their historic buildings. The full-service businesses can also repair water damage and protect structures against future moisture problems. In addition, they offer custom remodeling services for any type of home or commercial building.

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