Why Florists Need A Quality Floral Merchandiser Refrigeration System

by | Feb 26, 2016 | Business

Florists know the importance of keeping flowers looking fresh and beautiful; it’s essential to their business. This can sometimes prove to be challenging, especially in California’s warm weather. Thankfully, there are solutions to this tricky problem that don’t involve high product waste or turnover. Buying a floral merchandisers refrigeration system in California will keep the product in sale-ready condition, even in the hotter climate. When shopping for a floral merchandisers refrigeration system, here are some things to keep in mind.

Self-Closing Door

A self-closing door will do  more than just save on energy and power usage, it will also ensure that the flowers stay fresh. Busy sales staff and distracted customers can result in the refrigerator doors being left open, which can in turn cause the flowers to brown. In addition, look for doors that are made out of insulated glass. This also helps save energy and keeps the flowers looking fresher longer.


Another important factor to keep in mind is the type of lighting found in the refrigeration systems. Flowers simply don’t look as nice in dim lighting as they do in brighter or more natural lighting conditions. Most florists recommend finding a unit that has fluorescent lighting, in order to show off their products in the best possible condition. Avoid systems that only have lighting along the top row, as this will cast unsightly shadows on the flowers below.


The type and color of the shelving will also have a big impact on how consumers view the products. Aiming for a simple yet elegant look will attract more customers, and will make the flowers look much better than on cheap or overly ornate designs. The focus should be the product, not the shelves.

Consistent Temperature

Flowers need a consistent temperature to thrive, and will not last as long if moved from one temperature to the next. Be sure to select a refrigeration unit that will stay a consistent temperature, and one that does not rely on blowing air, which can sometimes alter the temperature. Also, ensure that there are enough units purchased to handle all stock. Flowers should be refrigerated at all times prior to the consumer’s final purchase, and need to be refrigerated immediately upon receipt at the florist. This will also prevent them from growing bacteria or other micro-organisms.

Keep The Flowers Hydrated

Dry flowers simply don’t last as long as those that are well hydrated. Flowers that are dehydrated lose their color faster, and are harder to sell. Purchasing a refrigeration system that has rapid air movement, caused by blowing fans, will cause the flowers to dehydrate significantly faster. On the other hand, purchasing a floral refrigeration system with low or gentle airflow will improve the look, and lifespan, of the product.

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