Why It’s Great to Work for a Precision Machining Company

Whether you’re currently job hunting, working at a job you dislike and dreaming of a better one, or still in school and thinking about the future, trying to figure out a career can be challenging. If you’re interested in working with your hands and like playing with new and exciting technology, a job at a precision machining company may be a great fit for you. Read on for some of the perks associated with working in this interesting field.

Job Availability
The job market is tough right now, so to set yourself up for success, it helps to look for jobs in an industry that’s regularly hiring. If you check the pages of your local newspaper’s wanted ads, you’re likely to find quite a few advertisements for qualified setup machinists and operators regardless of what city in which you’re looking. There are usually numerous positions within a company to be filled, including toolmakers, quality assurance and inspectors.

The other great thing about a precision machining company is that it’s unlikely to go out of business. This industry will only continue to grow, so your job security is pretty much guaranteed. Low-cost competition from India and China has not affected the industry, so there is good evidence that even more jobs will open up in the field.

Interesting Work
Even though creating parts might not sound incredibly fun, you’d be surprised how interesting it can be. One of the best aspects of this position is that every day is different, meaning you’ll never get bored with monotonous work. One day you could be making car parts and the next you could be components for aerospace applications. You’ll also get your hands on interesting items, like parts for motorcycles and surgeries. You’ll get to see the tangible results of your efforts at the end of every day, which is incredibly satisfying.

Wages and Benefits
Toolmakers and setup machinists demand entry-level wages on par with the salaries of business majors with four or five-year bachelor’s degree programs. Plus, you won’t have tuition bills or student loans to repay! You’ll also receive the great benefits, like healthcare and dental, that many machining shops offer to their employees.

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