Why You Should Use Non GMO Seeds

The term GMO refers to any genetically modified substance, in this instance seeds. Essentially this is an organism created in a lab by scientists to genetically engineer or modify food plants. There are a number of environmental and health issues related to genetically modified foods, which is why you should consider non GMO seeds.

When considering if you should use GMO or non GMO seeds, consider the dangers presented by the GMO options.

They Are Unhealthy

GMOs have been linked to a number of health concerns such as infertility, accelerated aging, immune system issues, gastrointestinal system disorders and even organ damage in animals. In humans, the GMO seeds may cause a buildup of materials that may potentially cause long-term issues. For example, the genes put into GM soy, may move into the DNA of the bacteria located inside of you, causing issues.

Suffer Permanent Contamination with GMOs

The GMO seeds cross pollinate, which means the seeds can actually travel to another location. It is not possible to clean up this contamination. The possible impact this can have is rather large and threatens the health of any future food generations. This GMO contamination is also linked to creating a number of economic losses for non-GMO famers who are trying to keep pure crops.

GMOs Require Additional Herbicide Use

The majority of GMO crops have been engineered to have a strong resistance to herbicide. In fact, many companies sell crops that can survive the use of herbicide. This causes the need for additional herbicide, which causes higher levels of residue, leaking to more cases of cancer, birth defects, hormone disruption and sterility. This is just another reason why non GMO seeds are the better option.

Creation of Harmful Side Effects

When genes from unrelated species are mixed, it can unleash a number of completely unknown side effects. No matter the gene types that have been inserted, the entire process used for creating the GM plant can create a large amount of collateral damage, potentially producing new nutritional deficiencies, carcinogens, allergens and new toxins.

GMOs Can Harm the Environment

There are a number of ways that the herbicides used on GMO seeds and crops can harm soil organisms, marine ecosystems, amphibians, insects and birds. They decrease the bio diversity, pollute water and are considered unsustainable.

When you are thinking about the seeds you are going to use, you should consider the benefits offered by non GMO seeds and the potential dangers of GMO seeds. The bottom line is, genetically altering seeds and food supplies is dangerous and can cause a number of unwanted side effects, which is why it is smarter for people to choose the option that does not introduce dangerous, toxic or potentially harmful substances into the food supply or the environment.

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