A Workers Compensation Lawyer In Jerome ID Will Protect Your Rights

A Workers Compensation Lawyer In Jerome ID Will Protect Your Rights

Even though an employer should do the right thing and take care of an employee’s medical bills and lost wages after they’ve been injured on the job, this isn’t always the case. The employer is really only worried about limiting an increase to their insurance policy. An employer will try to force an employee back to work and threaten them with the loss of their job if they don’t comply. Other employers will tell an employee they’ll pay their medical bills, so an employee won’t file a claim. The most important thing an injured worker can do is contact a Workers Compensation Lawyer in Jerome ID as soon as possible.

Medical expenses should be paid at 100%. The expenses must be properly billed to the insurance company. Payments will be made directly to the doctor on behalf of the patient. An injured worker will be paid approximately 67% of their average weekly wage. They must be off work for at least five days, which is the waiting period for compensation. The worker’s impairment is determined by a medical assessment. The law will determine how much the loss is worth in percentage terms. If a worker injures their neck or back and has a herniated disc, a physician will usually determine them at a 10% impairment in their case. This is called a permanent partial impairment or PPI.

When a worker is injured with a permanent disability, a vocational rehabilitation specialist will assess the impairment, restrictions, and limitation a worker has to engage in gainful employment. If an individual is no longer able to work at their previous position, they will be paid the difference between their old position and a new one. The law can be very complicated, and a Workers Compensation Lawyer in Jerome ID can help an injured worker receive the compensation they deserve instead of being stonewalled by an insurance company. An injured worker should always communicate with their supervisor when they’ve been injured and seek medical treatment immediately. Failure to receive medical treatment can result in a possible denial of an employee’s claim. For more information, please feel free to visit us.

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