You May Be Protected Under the Vehicle Lemon Law in Your State

You May Be Protected Under the Vehicle Lemon Law in Your State

Far too many people are not aware that there are vehicle lemon laws in just about every state and district of the United States.  Not knowing about the laws, some consumers wind up saddled with a vehicle that is not reliable, has engine and safety issues and cannot be repaired properly.  Getting “stuck” with a vehicle that you are making payments on can be financially devastating. Trying to find the money to make the repairs may be out of your reach and it can leave you feeling frustrated and stressed out.

Luckily you may have the protection of a vehicle lemon law in your state. These laws were enacted to help people just like you get relief from a “lemon” that you have purchased.

Getting Help

There are consumer laws that are focused on helping consumers that have been sold a vehicle that is faulty but that does not mean that these laws are easy to comprehend or act on. As a matter of fact, they are very difficult to comprehend and even harder to enact your rights under by yourself.  Most people, once they realize that there are laws that can help, turn to an attorney. An attorney that specializes in consumer laws can:

   * Review your case and let you know if you are covered
   * Come up with a plan
   * Prepare any filings that need to be made
   * Help with arbitration and court matters

If you have had a problem with a vehicle that you purchased and you have tried to work it out with the dealership to no avail it may be time for you to hire an attorney that can help you get the protection you need under the lemon laws in your state. Krohn & Moss, Ltd. Consumer Law Center® can help!

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